Save the humble Sparrow- New Delhi

On March 20th 2016 World Sparrow day was celebrated at Conservation Education Center, New Delhi. Sparrow was declared the state bird of New Delhi in 2012 by the Chief Minister of Delhi . The population of Sparrows have been declining constantly due to Climate change, Urbanization, modern architecture and microwave radiations coming from the telephone towers. On World Sparrow day , fifty underprivileged  children were invited to Conservation Education Center , Delhi to make them aware of the status of their state bird and why it plays such a significant role in their lives.

The day commenced with a nature walk for counting Sparrows  in Asola Wildlife Sanctuary . The Children were taught to differentiate between the male and the female Sparrow and understood the importance of a bird count. This was followed by a painting competition , children from all age groups participated. They were asked to create a painting of the natural environment , the way they would like to see it in the future.

Sparrows are biological indicators of Earth's magnetic field and therefore prove to be of great help to the scientists. From times immemorial Sparrows have lived side by side to man , they have always nested in human houses. The urban architecture and glass buildings no longer support nesting sites, which is why we should install more bird houses and feeders. 

Next in line was a talk given by me on bird houses, feeders and various other measures we can take to help protect these birds. This was followed by a hand building workshop conducted by me. The children were taught to build miniature Sparrow models using paper , clay and wire.

The day culminated with a Sparrow egg treasure hunt. The children were divided into two groups and were told to find all the hidden Sparrow eggs created by me using clay, in Asola Wildlife sanctuary. They were all given wing brooches and certificates.


Niharika Rajput